October Liver Awareness Month

Liver Awareness Month 

October is Liver Awareness month and all of us can support the cause through monetary donations or through the purchase of CFF wristbands and limited edition, 5tyles x CFF T-shirts!


The Carroll Family Foundation (CFF) is a non-profit organization founded by NBA
player and liver disease awareness advocate, DeMarre Carroll, focusing on educating and raising funds towards developing enhanced preventives, diagnostic services and treatments for adolescents suffering from pediatric liver disease or disorders.


CFF lives by the motto – ‘We Believe'; informing our youth that we, CFF, believe in your future to live a fulfilling, sustainable life with Liver Disease or disorder. CFF wants everyone to feel confident that we are here to help, constantly sending the message to let survivors and fighters know that you are not alone in this journey.

CFF’s family support services will focus on providing meet up groups, social gatherings and more. CFF will ensure that Pediatric Liver Disease and disorders are recognized, acknowledged, prevented and treated by providing educational and developmental resources, and family support services to those affected.

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